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[([*Introduction to the pages « Guests »*])]

Since the earliest antiquity, hospitality has constituted one of the most beautiful human institutions. Nowadays, the singular mixture between the collective and the individual, which the Internet manifests to the highest degree, most often leads to the maintenance of human relations in the realm of the virtual with what this implies for protection but also for lack of contact human and frustration. In everyday life, I often remind my friends that we are incarnate beings, and that true happiness in friendship is to be together. But in the intellectual and spiritual life, the absence of direct contact does not in any way prevent profound and profound bonds of establishment.

In this page devoted to hospitality, I will welcome texts coming from the most diverse people, working in one or the other of the fields which I deal here - astrology, Tolkien, literature, tradition. I will leave to random circumstances and meetings the task of enriching these pages with articles too long to be published in magazines, or with old studies or new creations that we wish to offer to the public. Unlike family ties, which are a gift we receive at birth without anyone having to choose from relatives, bonds of friendship and hospitality are the result of choice, election - and you always have to be two to make that choice and experience it. So it will be on this page : at any time, my hosts have the right to leave us (and ask that their contribution be removed from my site) ; and we also reserve the right to terminate an indeterminate hospitality relationship.

That anyone who for some reason wishes to appear on my site does not hesitate to contact me by mail, and we will see if it is possible to establish a relationship of hospitality - purely gratuitous and friendly, it goes without saying.

Charles Ridoux

Amfroipret, October 6, 2008

[([*Daniel Poinas*])]



Presentation by Daniel Poinas, of his journey in the field of Tradition. Interest in astrology (Andre Barbault), alchemy (Fulcanelli, Eugene Canseliet). Discovery of Raoul Auclair (circa 1976) and Abellio (1979), then Jean Phaure (1988). Collaboration with the magazine Atlantis from 1999, with an article on Nostradamus, then from L’Astrologue (The Astrologer) from 2009. Late interest for Guénon (end 2008).

To begin with, I would like to warmly thank Charles Ridoux, who offers me the opportunity to give some of my texts published in the magazine Atlantis, as well as in L’Astrologue, a better visibility and audience.

I was born in 1956. I do not give my native coordinates because I find it too intrusive. From experience I know that one can infer a lot of things from a natal chart, and far too much for my taste.

I am therefore content to point out that I was born with an involving Uranus/Neptune square, with Uranus culminating and Neptune rising ...

By Uranus, I felt a very clear affinity with André Barbault, whom I discovered at the time of the release of his little book entitled Petit manuel d’astrologie (Small astrology manual), which my brother had just bought.

I was sixteen. My brother did not become an alchemist, nor even an astrologer, but he soon gave up before the difficulties of learning. So I drew up my natal chart at the time and was overwhelmed by the extraordinary coincidence between what I felt about myself and what this little book revealed to me.

I bought all the works of Barbault as I went, and formed myself without any other contribution. So I’m an autodidact.

By Neptune I felt more in affinity with a Jean Carteret. But I did not discover it right away. It was Louis Pauwels who played this role, he who had the particularity of being a Uranus type by his presence at sunset, conjoined to the Moon, in Pisces, with a Neptune conjoined to the Sun. Promethean character, very open-minded, interested in all sorts of taboo subjects ... but also a character with an intense spiritual life, influenced by Guenon, the Orient ...

I discovered Alchemy. Fulcanelli, Eugène Canseliet. I bought almost all the treatises of the collection directed by René Alleau. But here, I renounced, the difficulty was too great ...

I discovered Raoul Auclair around my twenty years. Catholic writer, prophet by nature (native of Pisces) : I devoured his work ...

In 1979, on the occasion of the release of the book of the Herne which was devoted to him I discovered Raymond Abellio (Neptune/Saturn/Pluto). It was a revelation. Fascinating figure of unequaled richness. There, too, all the works were absorbed. It was thanks to him that I understood that Good and Evil are relative and that in the Absolute there is only Good. Even if this metaphysical proposition is not so simple as that to digest because it is eminently scandalous. Unfortunately, Abellio had a tendency to denigrate Guenon (described by him as a luciferian), and so I discovered it only much later ...

I discovered Mircea Eliade, CG Jung, and I devoured both of them.

In 1988, I stumbled upon a number (352) of the magazine Atlantis devoted to Nostradamus. I subscribed at once. I bought Jean Phaure’s book Le cycle de l’Humanité adamique (The Cycle of Adamic Humanity) some four years later. Here again it was an opening.

I was at the time, and for various reasons, in a state of psychic disorientation quite pronounced .. I had a dream where I tried, unsuccessfully, to plant darts in the center of a target. Alas, the darts succeeded each other and all fell on the ground without even touching the target.. It was then that my eye saw a magnificent luxurious pen with a solid golden feather lying on the ground. I picked it up and I had the absurd idea of using it as a dart. I threw the pen and the pen of gold reached the very center of the target...

It was consternation on awakening. The dream seemed to say : do not do like the others who play darts. If you want to succeed : write !

For weeks it tapped me. But I did not feel really up to writing.. I finally decided to send Andre Barbault a text mixing prophecy and astrology. André Barbault replied by letter, congratulating me on this excellent text. I can say today that it is out of sheer kindness that André Barbault qualifies so this text that I now find quite bad in fact .. It was never published, André Barbault wanting pure astrology, without a prophetic part therefore, and I, refusing any concession.

I had the idea of writing at Atlantis. I wrote a text on Nostradamus on the occasion of the famous year 1999, text which came out in the number 399.. I find it pretty bad now. I found this No. 399 in my letter-box the very day of the famous storm which blows over France. I saw almost a sign of it, the violent wind being the very image of the Spirit.

In any case, it encouraged me to continue. I wrote several texts in Atlantis of a kabbalistic, prophetic nature. The best, the ones I’m not too ashamed of and even that I find pretty good, are on this site : Exegesis of 666 (Atlantis 449 in 2012) and Apocalypse now ! (Atlantis 457 in 2014) which is the continuation or a deepening of the first.

Texts pretty good because I had matured and I had become quite creative.

In the meantime, I tried to interest myself in Guénon. It was shortly after the banking crisis of autumn 2008. I began with La crise du monde moderne (The crisis of the modern world) which I found interesting but which left me unsatisfied. At the beginning of 2009, it was the turn of Le règne de la Quantité et les signes des temps (The reign of Quantity and the signs of the times). There I was subdued. Why had I so long deferred my study of Guenon ? The fault, no doubt, in Abellio, who in his writings did not render sufficient justice, and even denigrated this great metaphysician and esotericist(1). As a result, I read almost all of Guénon, thus providing me with a substantial baggage. I had become a man with a traditional mentality.

It was in L’Astrologue n° 167 in 2009 that I published a text showing the links between Kabbalah and astrology. It followed an article in Atlantis No. 434(2) in which, based on the absolute structure of Abellio(3) , I revealed the inner dialectic of the four fixed signs, showing that the Lion/Aquarius axis was Yang-like, luminous, while the Scorpio/Taurus axis was Yin-like, obscure. The first axis had the property of provoking an Assumption while the other axis caused the Fall. I asserted the true meaning of the 666, trigon of 36. Indeed, the sign of the Scorpio, in Kabbalah, corresponds to the letter Noun, of value 36. It initiates the Fall in the biblical sense of the term. Reason why it is the initial of the word Snake in Hebrew. Tout devenait clair. Everything became clear. The Dragon of the Apocalypse corresponded to the sign of Scorpio which implied that its number was 666. In addition, I understood that the Tetramorph corresponded to the four traditional Indian castes. The sign of the Scorpion corresponding here to the caste of the Vaishyas, that is to say to the producers, to the merchants, in short to Capitalism. To those, therefore, who seek to enrich themselves, to make money fructify... Hence the link in the Apocalypse between this 666 and the possibility of buying and selling.

In the wake of it, I also understood the four Beasts of Daniel, also related to the Tetramorph. The same goes for the Four Horsemen of John.

Other texts followed in André Braire’s review :

Quel renouveau pour 2026 ? (What renewal for 2026 ?) in No. 194.

Petit exercice de prospective (Small prospective exercise) in the n ° 195.

Globalisation - la rupture (Globalization - the rupture) in the n° 197.

À propos des quatre éléments (About the four elements) in No. 198 which will again be published in No. 199 due to printing errors.

I invite you to discover here : Astrologie et Kabbale, Zodiaque et Trigrammes, Astrologie et logique de la double contradiction croisée, Exégèse du 666, Apocalypse now ! (Astrology and Kabbalah, Zodiac and Trigrams, Astrology and logic of the double crossed contradiction, Exegesis of 666, Apocalypse now !)


(1) It is particularly visible with the absolute structure of which we realize that it owes much to the work of Guénon, Le symbolisme de la Croix (The Symbolism of the Cross), which Abellio has carefully refrained from highlighting...

(2) Title : Tétramorphe, Verseau et Éden (Tetramorph, Aquarius and Eden).

(3) I can not explain this structure here. Let us recall that it allows the structuring of any duality, transformed into quaternity, emitting an ascending polarity and a descending polarity.

Daniel Poinas, September 2017

[([*Astrology and Kabbalah*])]

PDF 1 - In French


It was in 2009 in issue 167 of the magazine L’astrologue that this text entitled Astrologie et Kabbale (Astrology and Kabbalah) was published.

Based on the Sepher Yetzirah (Book of Formation) of the Jewish Kabbalistic tradition, I showed that the signs of the Tetramorph had a particular spatial orientation which made it possible to understand the tendency of Uranus to export towards the West and the tendency of Neptune to export towards the East.

Indeed, it was rather challenging to see that Aquarius was oriented to the North/West, which corresponds, at the level of the terrestrial globe, to the USA. Similarly, Taurus was oriented to the North/East, a place corresponding to the land level of the USSR, which was subjected to scientific materialism, many of which were native to the sign (Marx, Lenin) were at the forefront of this revolutionary storm.

I also show that Aquarius corresponds to the notion of biblical Eden and that it is because of this analogy that the USA was always considered the place of all possibilities, of all utopias. And especially within the USA, California, fringe of the extreme west of the land of the West.

I take up my dialectic of the Yin axis and the Yang axis concerning the Tetramorph, and explain why Neptune can be related to the sign of the Taurus.

Finally, I ended up with an attempt at structural astrology, in the sense of Daniel Verney, to calculate a third center within the psyche, alongside the traditional Moon/Sun couple, corresponding to Saturn, an image of the Self, in the Indian sense of the term. And that explains the extreme valorisation of Saturn within the Jewish Gnosis, this corresponding to Shabbat, day of the Rest.

[([*Zodiac and Trigrams*])]

PDF 2 - In French


It was at the end of 2010, in issue 172 of the review L’Astrologue, that this text entitled Zodiac and Trigrams was published.

Indeed, being very interested in Chinese Tradition, I was struck by the convergence of meanings between planets and trigrams. Since there are seven planets and eight trigrams, it was easy for me to show that two trigrams could be attributed to the double planet Mercury, or possibly to the pair Ceres/Mercury (see Daniel Verney).

On my journey, I tried to show that the eight trigrams corresponded to the cardinal signs and the mutable signs, which are eight in number. The fixed signs corresponding to the four Chinese digraphs, and thus to the play of the Light.

In this text, I study the Tetramorph. I show in particular that two quotations from Ezekiel correspond to two specific orientations within this Tetramorph.

[([*Astrology and logic of the double crossed contradiction *])]

PDF 3 - In French


It was at the end of the year 2013, in number 184 of the magazine L’Astrologue, that was published this text entitled Astrologie et logique de la double contradiction croisée (Astrology and logic of the double crossed contradiction).

Encouraged by the fecundity of the application of Abellio’s absolute structure to the fixed signs, I here begin to apply it to the cardinal signs as well as to the mutable signs.

The main result is that if the fixed signs correspond to the play of the Light, with a Lion/Aquarius luminous axis and a Scorpio/Taurus dark axis, the mutable signs correspond to Space, with a Sagittarius/Gemini axis corresponding to the notion of distant/near, crossed on a Virgo/Pisces axis corresponding to the infinitely small/cosmic immensity.

Thus this explains the presence of mutable signs within the structure of the ten Sephiroth of Sepher Yetzirah in the half-sphere of Waters, which is that of the Magnitude.

Conversely, the cardinal signs correspond to Time, hence their presence in the half-sphere of Fire, which is that of Intensity, complementary to that of Magnitude. With a Cancer/Capricorn axis corresponding to the passing time (past and future), of entropy nature, and Aries/Libra axis corresponding to the Present.

I then tackle the masculine signs, apart from fi xed signs, grouped by the Sepher Yetzirah within a circle oriented Upper/West/Lower/East, of which I show that the vertical products are the South and North poles.

In the same way, the feminine signs are grouped within a circle oriented Upper/South/Lower/North whose products are the West and East poles. I dwell more particularly on this circle of which I show that it tends to an increasing materialization in the same way as the Scorpio/Taurus axis within the Tetramorph. In particular, I show that the Virgo/Capricorn axis engenders the West and is thus characteristic of what is called the West with its tendencies towards rationalization (Virgo) and mechanization (Capricorn). Indeed, I am making a comparison with Guenon’s chapters in his book Le règne de la quantité (The Reign of Quantity), devoted to materialism, rationalism and mechanics, which correspond to the symbolism of the three earth signs, from Taurus to Capricorn.

Finally, I show that the masculine signs are spiritual, therefore negentropic, while the feminine signs are of a material and entropic order.

[([*Exegesis of the 666*])]

PDF 4 - In French


It was in 2012, in issue 449 of the magazine Atlantis, that this text entitled Exégèse de 666 – son lien avec le Tétramorphe, clé de l’Apocalypse (Exegesis of 666 - its link with the Tetramorph, key to the Apocalypse) was published. Following the work of Pierre Jovanovic, 777, La chute du Vatican et de Wall Street selon saint Jean (777, The Fall of the Vatican and Wall Street according to St John), I brought the confirmation of the link between 666 and the international financial system, while going much further than he did. Indeed, I explore the figure of the Tetramorph presented in chapter 4 of the Apocalypse, to which I apply the dynamics of the absolute structure of Abellio, which allows to clear a Yang Lion/Aquarius axis and a Yin Scorpio/Taurus axis. The Yang axis being a spiritual axis as the axis Yin being a material axis.

This Tetramorph thus corresponds to a series of quaternities : the four Chinese digraphs, like the four Indian Yugas, as well as the four Indian castes. It also corresponds, evidently, to the four Beasts of Daniel, taken up by Saint John himself. Each Beast (Leo, Bear, Leopard, Iron Beast) can thus be related to each corresponding fixed sign. It is the same with the four Horsemen (white, red, black, greenish), which can be linked as well with the four Beasts of Daniel as with the figures of the Tetramorph.

We can then show that the Dragon (Beast of iron in Daniel) corresponds to the traditional Indian caste of the Vaishyas, that is to the producers and merchants. It also corresponds to the traditional sign of Scorpio, sign of the infernal powers. The letter corresponding to the sign being the letter Noun, of value 36 (1), the link was made with the famous 666 since this number is none other than the triangular of 36. The Scorpio being also a sign of diving within the Matter as it allows to disengage it the use of the dynamics of the absolute structure. The corresponding rider is the greenish horse of Hades as Saint John says, which "obviously sticks" to the symbolism of the sign of the Scorpio since this sign is, indeed, that of Hades.

(1) This is the esoteric value that comes from Raymond Abellio, and not the usual exoteric value which is 50, let us remember.

[([*Apocalypse now !*])]

PDF 5 - In French


It was in 2014, in issue 457 of the magazine Atlantis, that this text entitled Apocalypse now ! was published1. Following the solicitation of the editorial board of the journal, I was therefore invited to provide a new apocalyptic text.

I reiterated the essence of the preceding number, while adding that it was probable that the seven churches of John were structured on the model of the absolute structure. Thus, it appears quite obvious that the first four correspond to the Tetramorph, while the last three correspond to the poles of the Upper (Philadelphia), the Lower (Laodicea), and the Center (Sardis).

I also show that the plagues correspond to the Tetramorph and thus to the four traditional elements.

I then resume and develop the exegesis of the Tetramorph as a key to the successive domination of castes. Here an historical analysis takes place, from the time of the Renaissance to the present day.

Finally, to lead to a fairly detailed exegesis of many chapters of the Apocalypse.