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BMA - 2017

BMA - Presentation

Published online as of August 31, 2013, the Bulletin of Mundane Astrology (BMA) first ran quarterly ; as from 31 December 2015, its publication will be annual. In fact, the BMA consists of two distinct elements : on the one hand, raw astrological data, without comment ; on the other hand, articles of commentaries on international news, at the interface between global astrology and geopolitics. These articles have no specific periodicity, they are put online throughout the year as they are written.

[([*BAM-Astralities – How to use it*])]

BMA - How to use it
BMA - How to use it


In order to enable our readers to make the most of the amount of information contained in the purely astrological part of the BMA, we have drafted a detailed presentation leaflet entitled "BMA : How to use it". We urge our readers to consult this document.

[([*Astralities 2017*])]

Astralities - 2017
Astralities 2017


[([*BMA 2017-1-The Trump Enigma*])]

The Trump Enigma


This article discusses the world-wide quest for Donald Trump’s presidency and his ability to accomplish the program he presented in his inaugural speech. A first overview analyzes his break with the "Washingtonian spirit" and the threats, going as far as a dismissal or even a murder, that weigh upon the new President his multiple enemies.

A first astrological study deals with the following charts :

Donald Trump - Natal chart - Moon/Vulcanus Network

Donald Trump – Natal eclipses

USA - Mars-Neptune Square Network

Donald Trump - Inauguration - Jupiter/Uranus Network

Donald Trump - Inauguration - Sun Networks / Vulcanus and Mars / Saturn

Donald Trump - Inauguration - Pluto/Zeus Network

Donald Trump - Solar Revolutions 2016-2018

Donald Trump - Local Space - Natal - Mars and Uranus-Vulcanus

Donald Trump - Inauguration - ACG - Mars and Uranus

Mike Pence – Natal chart

Mike Pence - Solar Revolutions 2016-2018

The geopolitical analysis that follows addresses the seriousness of the current situation in the USA and the risks of civil war. Donald Trump’s strengths and weaknesses and four possible scenarios for his mandate are examined. The question of the obstacles to appeasement in relations with Russia and the uncertainties relating to Asia is then addressed.

An astrological exploration of the period 2017-2022 and a perspective against the cyclical deadlines to 2030 conclude this article. Charts covered in this section are :

USA - Pluto / Kronos Network

USA - Mars-Saturn=Sun/Neptune

USA - Transits on Venus-Jupiter-Sun

[([*BMA 2017-2-The Presidential Election in France - Armand d’Aigleville*])]

The presidential election in France


This article analyzes the context of the 2017 presidential election in France and gives an overview of the astralities of the main candidates.

Topics covered include :

François Hollande

Nicolas Sarkozy

Alain Juppé

Manuel Valls

Marine Le Pen

Emmanuel Macron

François Fillon

Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Benoît Hamon

[([*BMA 2017-3-Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron*])]

Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron


This article deals with two vehicles of globalization : Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron, both natives of the 1970s. A political archeology by Emmanuel Macron, including his links with his mentor, Henry Hermand, a grey eminence of the non-Communist left, attached to the Saint-Simon Foundation.

Topics covered include :

Justin Trudeau – Netwroks Saturn /Neptune and Moon/Uranus

Justin Trudeau - Network Mars/Pluto

Emmanuel Macron - Network Moon/ Uranus and Sun/Jupiter

Emmanuel Macron - Network Uranus / Neptune

The article concludes with some considerations about the historic turning point of the 2017 presidential election in the evolution of the Ve Republic and the dangerous context to be faced both internally and externally Elected on 7 May.

[([*BMA 2017-4-The Presidency Macron - Armand d’Aigleville*])]

The Presidency Macron


This article brings an astrological look at the five-year term of Emmanuel Macron which has just opened. The first part is a brief overview of the presidential election. A second part analyzes the astralities of the President and his Prime Minister. A third part defines some major steps, pointing to the spring of 2020 as potentially the most crucial moment of this presidential mandate.

The charts covered are :

Emmanuel Macron

Edouard Philippe

[([*BMA 2017-5 – The Pivot of Powers – June 27th, 2017*])]

The Pivot of Powers


This article deals with an exceptional astrological configuration that took place on Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 : the Sun-Hades conjunction connected to two significant axes of the period 2017-2022 (Saturn/Pluto and Uranus/Neptune) transiting on a zone of the Zodiac (6°14 Cancer), which can be considered as the "pivot of powers" because of the presence in this zone of factors of prime importance in the charts of the USA (Jupiter), China (Uranus ) and Russia (Pluto) among others. The article puts in report the chart of this day with those of November 13th, 2017 (Venus-Jupiter conjunction on the Ascendant of the USA) and March 11th, 2018 (presidential election in Russia).

The geopolitical part of the article deals with two themes : the risk of financial turmoil and the threat of nuclear war, aggravated by threats against Syria based on unsubstantiated suspicions towards Damascus - threats expressed on June 27th, 2017 precisely, both by Donald Trump and by Emmanuel Macron.

The charts covered are :

Pivot of Powers - Hades Network

Pattern of the charts of Dmitry Medvedev, Petro Poroshenko and Bashar al-Assad

Vladimir Putin - Jupiter/Pluto network.

Venus-Jupiter conjunction of November 13th, 2017

Presidential election in Russia (March 11th, 2018) - Saturn/Hades network

[([*BMA 2017-6 – The Eclipse of August 21, 2017 - August 10, 2017*])]

The Eclipse of August 21, 2017


This article consists of a detailed study of the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 (Saros 145), under a double diachronic and synchronic aspect. This eclipse is first presented in the framework of the Saros cycle 145, which begins in 1639 and then within the framework of the four eclipses of the Meton cycle between 1963 and 2036.

The synchronic study begins with the eclipse in itself, for the world, then comes from locations for Washington, Moscow and Beijing as well as for Brussels (European Union) and for Jerusalem (the broader Middle East, including as well Syria, Iran and Iraq as Turkey and Egypt).

Another synchronic approach is to locate the countries and personalities concerned by the zodiacal zones linked to the focus of the eclipse (28°53 Lion), that is to say the zones of the Numerical Index 14-59-37-82. Five groups are thus highlighted :

1° Various countries in the Middle East (Iraq, Israel, Qatar, Syria, Yemen) as well as the new Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salmane and the Emir of Qatar Al-Thani.

2° USA and Donald Trump.

3° Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin.

4° The three highest figures of the reigning family of the United Kingdom (Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles of Wales, Prince William of Cambridge).

5° The Fifth Republic and Emmanuel Macron.

The charts covered are: :

Solar eclipse – January 4, 1639

Solar eclipse – February 17, – Chart of the « Proletarian Era »

Solar eclipse – June 6, 1891 – Year of the Neptune-Pluto conjunction

Solar eclipse – July 20, 1963 – Assassination of J.F. Kennedy

Solar eclipse – August 11, 1999 –« Nostradamic » Eclipse

Solar eclipse – August 22 août 1979 – Tehran – Iranian revolution

Solar eclipse – August 22 août 1998 – Belgrade – War of Kosovo

Solar eclipse – August 21, 2017 – Without location

Solar eclipse – August 21 août 2017 – Washington

Solar eclipse – August 21, 2017 – Moscow

Solar eclipse – August 21, 2017 – Beijing

Solar eclipse – August 21, 2017 – Brussels

Solar eclipse – August 21, 2017 – Jerusalem

Solar eclipse – August 21, 2017 – Prince Mohammed Bin Salmane Al Saudi

Solar eclipse – August 21, 2017 – Emir Abdullah Bin Khalifa Al-Thani

Solar eclipse – August 21, 2017 – Donald Trump

Solar eclipse – August 21, 2017 – Vladimir Putin

Solar eclipse – August 21, 2017 – Elizabeth II

[([*BMA 2017-7 – The Korean Crisis*])]

The Korean Crisis


This article deals with the Korean crisis in the context of a sudden exacerbation of tensions during the summer of 2017. It begins with a brief historical reminder of the Korean War and then addresses the Korean nuclear crisis which began in 1993 when the USA point to North Korea hydrogen bombs designed for the former USSR.

The charts covered are :

North Korea ans South Korea

Kim Jong-un

Moon Jae-in

Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 – Pyongyang

USA (Sibly) – Eclipse of August 21, 2017

[([*BMA 2017-8 – The Strategies of the Iron Age*])]

The Strategies of Iron Age


This article deals with the current events of the summer and autumn of 2017, marked by the uncertainties aroused throughout the world by the heightened destabilization of the American Empire and the prospect of its possible collapse.

The first part deals with the USA where President Donald Trump, dispossessed by Congress of its foreign policy prerogatives, appears to be the hostage of a military junta and threatened with dismissal by the neo-conservative clan. New sanctions against Russia are for a long time burying any prospect of cooperation between the USA and Russia and are likely to push Western Europe away from its atlanticist commitment because its energy policy and economy are hard hit by the US sanctions.

A second part deals with the fragility of the Eurasian bloc, with Russia entering an election period and India appearing to be turning to Washington and tightening its stance towards China and Pakistan shortly after the accession of these two countries to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The situation is also becoming tense in Central Asia, as a result of the renewed US military involvement in Afghanistan and the import, in the north of the country, of exiled jihadists from Syria, after the defeat of ISIS.

A third part presents three critical zones : Ukraine, Venezuela and Korea.

The following charts are presented and studied :

Jupiter-Uranus opposition of September 28, 2017

USA – Networks of Mars/Neptune and Sun/Saturn

India and Narendra Modi

Pakistan et Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

War of Afghanistan – October 7, 2001

Civil war in Ukraine – May 2, 2014

Malorussia – Political declaration – July 18, 2017

Venezuela and Nicolas Maduro

[([*BMA 2017-9 – Interview of Charles Ridoux*])]

Interview of Charles Ridoux


This third interview with Armand d’Aigleville presents the evolution of the site since autumn 2016 as well as reflections on the ongoing work on the geopolitically predictable deadlines as well as in a cyclical perspective.