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BMA - 2016

BMA - Annual Bulletin

Published online as of August 31, 2013, the Bulletin of Mundane Astrology (BMA) first ran quarterly ; as from 31 December 2015, its publication will be annual. In fact, the BMA consists of two distinct elements : on the one hand, raw astrological data, without comment ; on the other hand, articles of commentaries on international news, at the interface between global astrology and geopolitics. These articles have no specific periodicity, they are put online throughout the year as they are written.

In order to enable our readers to make the most of the amount of information contained in the purely astrological part of the BMA, we have drafted a detailed presentation leaflet entitled "BMA : How to use it". We urge our readers to consult this document.

BMA - How to use it

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PDF – BMA, How to use it – At Work .

Astralities of 2016

[([*BMA - 2016 – Astralities*])]

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[([*BMA n° 2016-1 – Towards a Financial Apocalypse*])]

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This article deals with the serious threat of a second shock of the financial crisis due to the fantastic bubble of derivatives circulating around the world. After a brief cyclical overview of the years 2016 and 2017, the article discusses various aspects of the current crisis : the sharp drop in oil prices, the rise in FED interest rates, currency warfare which accentuates process of de-dollarization in progress. This analysis leads to the forecasting of a second probable shock of the financial crisis.

The astralogical theme covered are those of the FED and its president Janet Yellen and the IMF and its director Christine Lagarde.

A second part examines the potential crisis during the year 2016, around the analysis of two astrological factors : the Solar Eclipse of 9 March 2016 and the conjunction of Uranus with Eris, from April 2016 to April 2017.

Within this framework, the subjects dealt with are those of Italy, the Vatican and Pope Francis ; those of the Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin ; that of the USA.

[([*BMA n° 2016-2 – Intensification of the War in Syria*])]

PDF 2 – At Work .

This article deals with the evolution of the Syrian crisis after the Ankara bombing of 17 February 2016, which takes place in a context where Turkey, confronted with the resumption of the Kurdish conflict, is slipping into direct intervention in Iraq and Syria, at the risk of triggering a war with Russia that could force NATO’s hand and bring the world into a nuclear conflict.

The first part deals with the evolutions of the war in Syria, with the battle of Aleppo, the advance of the Syrian Arab army on the northern front between Azaz and Jerablus, the race towards Raqqa, Daech’s hub in Syria.

The astralogical themes dealt with are those of the Ankara, Syria and Bashar al-Assad attacks.

The second part looks at diplomatic effervescence, which can be illustrated by the divergent positions in the USA between a warlike clan (which includes candidate Hillary Clinton) who relies on the CIA - and the Pentagon Understands the need to block adventurist ventures and avoid dragging the country and the world into a senseless war with Russia.

A third part analyzes the dangerous game of Turkey in Syria, where President Erdogan seeks a war with Russia to internationalize the conflict and force NATO to intervene. Documents recently transmitted to the UN Security Council overwhelmingly testify to Turkey’s support for jihadists and the transfer of Daech fighters from one theater of operations to another (Libya, Syria, Yemen).

The astralogical theme covered are those of Turkey, President Erdogan and Prime Minister Davutoglu.

A fourth section discusses the risk of a palace revolution in Saudi Arabia and the prospect of a radical redesign of the region.

The astralogical theme covered are those of Saudi Arabia, King Salman and Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The article concludes with the critical period of late August and early September 2016, with the Mars-Saturn conjunction with the Neptune square and the September 1 eclipse. On the geopolitical level, there is the crucial question of the reaction of the White House and NATO to the provocations of Erdogan. Finally, the article concludes with a remark about a link between this burning topicality and an eschatological messianism present in Israel as well as in the Muslim world.

[([*BMA n° 2016-3 – The Attacks of Brussels*])]

PDF 3 – At Work .

This article deals with the attacks in Brussels on 22 March 2015. After analyzing the themes of these attacks comes a reflection on the reactions, ranging from helpless indignation to the analysis of causes, notably the inconsistency of politics which entrusts Turkey with President Erdogan with the solution of the migratory crisis and engages in a suicidal pact, not unlike that of Munich in 1938.

Topics covered : attacks on Zaventen and the Maelbeek metro station, Belgium, Recep Erdogan and Ahmet Davutoglu.

A double conclusion examines the next demotion of Mars (from April to July 2016) and presents our approach which combines the analysis of planetary cycles with taking into account the double illumination of geopolitics and traditional cyclology.

The astrological themes treated : Axis Pluto/Zeus 2015-2017, retrogradation of Mars in 2016, perihelion of Mars (May 21, 2016), the network of the square Mars-Pluto in the theme of the Fifth Republic.

[([*BMA n° 2016-4 – Triple Offensive against Europe*])]

PDF 4 At Work .

This article deals with the migratory crisis, the "Panama Papers" scandal and the "Standing Night", a prelude to a possible color revolution across part of the European continent.

Topics covered

Square Jupiter-Saturn (23 March 2016)

European Union

Sun-Eris conjunction (12 April 2016)

Angela Merkel


France : Pluto/Zeus network

[([*BMA n° 2016-5 – Jacques Chirac – Transits of 2016 – Armand d’Aigleville*])]

PDF 5 – At Work .

This article deals with transits of Mars-Saturn at 8 ° of the signs Mutables during the year 2016 on the natal square Sun-Mars of Jacques Chirac.

Topics covered

Jacques Chirac (natal chart and Solar Revolution for the year 2016)

Charts of 14 April and 25 August 2016.

[([*BMA n° 2016-6 – Interview of Charles Ridoux with Armand d’Aigleville*])]

Interview with Charles Ridoux


This interview, the second one after March 25, 2015, presents the evolution of my research and publications during the past year until mid-June 2016. It focuses on three themes :

1. The development of global astrology

2. Focus on geopolitics

3. Outlook for the site

[([*BMA n° 2016-7 – Attack on Nice and coup d’État in Turkey*])]

PDF 7 – At Work .

This article deals with the attack on Nice on the evening of 14 July and the attempted coup d’État in Turkey on the night of 15-16 July. The question of dormant cells on the national territory. The stakes of the coup d’État in Turkey and its consequences after the victory of President Erdogan.

Topics covered

Nice - New Moon of 4 July 2016

Chart of the attack of Nice (Saturn/MC Network – Moon/Mars to Ascendant Network – MC/AS axis Network) –

Chart of the Ve Republic : Pluto/Zeus area.


Chart of Turkey

Attempted putsch of 15 July 2016.

[([*BMA n° 2016-8 – The 2016 Presidential Election in USA*])]

PDF – BMA 2016-8 – At Work .

The 2016 presidential election in the United States
This article deals with the charts of the two presidential candidates of the United States, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, with respect to the US chart, the November 8, 2016 election and the inauguration of the new President on January 20, 2017. Also considered are the themes of the two running mates candidates - Tim Kaine and Mike Pence - as well as Mélanie Trump and General James N. Mattis. Finally, the charts of the eclipses of September 1 and September 16 give an idea of the tense climate of autumn 2016 and of this electoral period.

Topics covered


USA- Saturn/Uranus Network

USA – Moon/Vulcanus Network


Hillary Clinton - Classic natal chart

Hillary Clinton - Mars/Saturn Network

Hillary Clinton – Moon/Vulcanus Network

Hillary Clinton - Solar Revolutions 2015 and 2016

Hillary Clinton - Transits 2016


Donald Trump - Classic natal chart

Donald Trump - Moon/Vulcanus Network


USA - Presidential Election

USA - Presidential Election –Theme progressed

USA - Inauguration - Mars/Hades Network

USA - Inauguration - Mars-Saturn Square

USA - Inauguration - Opposition Jupiter-Uranus


Synastry Clinton * Trump

Synastry Clinton * United States

Synastry Trump * United States

Chart of the Republican Party

Synastry Trump * Mussolini


Mélania Trump

Tim Kaine, running advisor to Hillary Clinton

Mike Pence, running from Donald Trump

General James N. Mattis


Solar Eclipse of 1 September 2016

Lunar Eclipse of September 16, 2016

USA –Inaugurations 2017 and 2021

[([*BMA n° 2016-9 – Escalating Perils*])]

PDF – BMA 2016-9 – At Work .

This article deals with the serious risk of the Third World War. The tension between the two Atlantic and Eurasian blocs around the conflicting site in Syria, Ukraine and Yemen has plunged the world into a situation that has never been more serious since the Korean War. The article begins with a chronological overview since early August 2016, analyzes the double lock put in place by the USA to block the expansion of the Chinese Silk Road to Europe and the Mediterranean. A presentation of the stakes of the battle of Aleppo and of the failure of the last Kery-Lavrov agreement is accompanied by a reminder of the origin of the conflict and followed by an analysis of the involvement of Turkey and the Kurdish question.

Topics covered

Turkish intervention in Syria (24 August 2016)

Ingress in Balance 2016 and Incidents of Deraa (18 March 2011)

Solar Elipse of 1 September 2016 - Bashar al-Assad

Lunar Eclipse of 16 September 2016 - Syria (1970)