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BMA - 2014

BMA - Annual Bulletin

Published online as of August 31, 2013, the Bulletin of Mundane Astrology (BMA) first ran quarterly ; as from 31 December 2015, its publication will be annual. In fact, the BMA consists of two distinct elements : on the one hand, raw astrological data, without comment ; on the other hand, articles of commentaries on international news, at the interface between global astrology and geopolitics. These articles have no specific periodicity, they are put online throughout the year as they are written.

In order to enable our readers to make the most of the amount of information contained in the purely astrological part of the BMA, we have drafted a detailed presentation leaflet entitled "BMA : How to use it". We urge our readers to consult this document.

BMA - How to use

[([*BMA – How to use it*])]

PDF – BMA, How to use it – At Work .

BMA - Astralities of 2014

[([*BMA - 2014 – Astralities*])]

PDF – 2014 Astralities – At Work .

[([*BMA n° 2014-1 – Ukraine at the Cruise of the Ways*])]

PDF – BMA 2014-1 – At Work .

This article deals with the historical data and the stakes of the current crisis in Ukraine since November 21, 2013.

Historical data

The Rus’ of Kiev and the baptism of Russia

The first independence (1918-1920)

The Second Independence (1991)

Natal chart of Viktor Yanukovych

The current crisis

Deep strategic issues

Economic and trade issues for Ukraine

The organized protest

What is the evolution of the crisis ?

[([*BMA n° 2014-2 – Anger’s Peoples*])]

PDF – BMA 2014-2 – At Work .

This article discusses the hardening of global chaos and popular reaction around the world. The emphasis is on the Ukrainian crisis culminating in the coup d’État of 22 February 2014 and its consequences on international relations.

The hardening of planetary chaos and the anger of peoples

Thailand - Bosnia - Venezuela - Turkey

Ukraine : the sequence of events

The Orange Revolution of 2004

The beginning of the crisis (November 21, 2013)

The tilting into chaos (February 18, 2014)

The coup d’etat of 22 February 2014

Natal charts of Victor Yanukovych, Alexander Tourtchinov and Arseni Yatsenyuk

The international crisis

The reaction of Russia

Natal chart of Vladimir Putin

Obstacles to a peaceful settlement of the crisis

The strategy of the USA and NATO

The inconsistencies of the European Union

"The spirit of Maidan"

Risk of a leak forward due to the systemic crisis

The astrological indicators of a crisis calendar (until June 2014)

[([*BMA n° 2014-3 – France 2014 : Men in the Tourmoil*])]

PDF – BMA 2014-3 – At Work .

This article deals with the French political personalities in relation to the planetary configurations of spring 2014.

François Hollande - Marine Le Pen - Manuel Valls - Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Jean-François Copé - François Fillon - Nicolas Sarkozy

[([*BMA n° 2014-4 – The Great Turning of Spring 2014*])]

PDF – BMA 2014-4 – At Work .

This article deals with the entry of the world into a new phase of the global chaos of 2008-2017, with increased risks of war and brutal violence.

Astrological themes of 25 May and 25 June 2014

Retrogradation of Mars on the Critical Zone of Uranus/Zeus at 16° Cardinals

Evolution of the Ukrainian crisis on the domestic front (fracture between the East and the rest of the country, the scourge of corruption and trusteeship by the IMF)

Chart of the tragedy of Odessa (2 May 2014)

Chart of Petro Poroshenko

The Ukrainian crisis and international tensions

A globalist strategy of world domination

[([*BMA n° 2014-5 – The Djihadist Offensive in Irak and the Proclamation of a Califate*])]

PDF – BMA 2014-5 – At Work .

This article discusses the EIIL’s fierce offensive in Iraq and the proclamation of an Islamic caliphate led by Emir al-Baghdadi.

Chart of the Proclamation of the Islamic Califate (June 29, 2014)

The consequences of the jihadist offensive in Iraq

The remodeling of the Middle East and the specter of war

Chaert of the Foundation of the EIIL (8 April 2013)

[([*BMA n° 2014-6 – The Third Gulf War*])]

PDF – BMA 2014-6 – At Work .

This article deals with the entry into the war against the Islamic State.

Chart of the War : Full Moon September 9, 2014

Method of analysis in the deep layers of a theme

Activation of the Mars-Neptune square of the USA

A warlike configuration from 2014 to 2016

Geostrategic context of this new US war in the Middle East

Two influential men : John McCain and Anthony Cordesman

The decisions of the NATO Summit in Wales

Islamist threats on France and Europe

[([*BMA n° 2014-7 – Ukraine : Towards a Partition*])]

PDF – BMA 2014-7 – At Work .

This article deals with the failure of the Poroshenko offensive against the dissidents of eastern Ukraine.

Chart of war : the tragedy of Odessa of 2 May 2014

The strategic dimension of the Ukrainian crisis

The War Party

Natal chart of Donald Tusk

Poroshenko offensive and failure

Evolution in progress : towards the score

The spiritual fissure between the two Europe

[([*BMA n° 2014-8 – In Memoriam Philippe Lavenu*])]

PDF – BMA 2014-8 – At Work .

This article is a homage to Philippe Lavenu, French astrologer, who disappeared on September 14, 2014.

The astrologer and the esotericist

Natal chart of Philippe Lavenu

[([*BMA n° 2014-9 – A World War Scenario*])]

PDF – BMA 2014-9 – At Work .

This article discusses the risk of a new world war leading to the use of atomic weapons.

Deterioration of international relations and fragility of diplomatic bodies

Analysis of the World War I formula according to Uranian astrology

Chart of World Wars

Chart of 19 May 2016