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BMA - 2013

BMA - Annual Bulletin

Published online as of August 31, 2013, the Bulletin of Mundane Astrology (BMA) first ran quarterly ; as from 31 December 2015, its publication will be annual. In fact, the BMA consists of two distinct elements : on the one hand, raw astrological data, without comment ; on the other hand, articles of commentaries on international news, at the interface between global astrology and geopolitics. These articles have no specific periodicity, they are put online throughout the year as they are written.

In order to enable our readers to make the most of the amount of information contained in the purely astrological part of the BMA, we have drafted a detailed presentation leaflet entitled "BMA : How to use it". We urge our readers to consult this document.

BMA - How to use it

[([*BMA – How to use it*])]

PDF – BMA, How to use it – At Work .

BMA - Astralities of 2013

[([*BMA - 2013 – Astralities*])]

PDF – 2013 Astralities – At Work .

[([*BMA n° 2013-1 – To the Reader*])]

PDF – BMA 2013-1 – At Work .

History of the design of our journals Bulletin of Mundane Astrology (BMA)), Journal of Mundane Astrology (JMA) Journal of Traditional Cyclology (JTC).

[([*BMA n° 2013-2 – Astral Dynamics*])]

PDF – BMA 2013-2 – At Work .

Cyclical interferences : Astral dynamics from summer to winter 2013. This article deals with the astralities of the year 2013, in particular the turn of the autumn 2013.

Chart of 1 January 2014

March downgrade from January to June 2014

Declinations 2013-2014 - Mars out of bounds (OoB)

Pluto OoB (Second World War and Korean War).

[([*BMA n° 2013-3 – Systemic Crisis*])]

PDF – BMA 2013-3 – At Work .

This article wonders about the risks of a second financial shock and looks back on the developments of the crisis since 2008.

Towards a new financial shock ?

Sequences of the crisis from 2008 to 2013

History of the Fed (Central Bank of the United States)

Chart of Paul Bernanke

Crisis of gold and Stock Market fall in Japan

[([*BMA n° 2013-4 – The Arab World in Boiling*])]

PDF – BMA 2013-4 – At Work .

This article deals with the future of Arab revolutions after the military coup in Egypt.

Military coup in Egypt (3 July 2013)

General al-Sissi’s natal chart

The root-theme of the Arab revolutions (conjunction Jupiter-Uranus of January 4, 2011)

Chart of the Muslim Brotherhood

[([*BMA n° 2013-5 – The Syrian Crisis*])]

PDF – BMA 2013-5 – At Work .

This article discusses the local, regional and international context of the Syrian crisis, as well as the threat of military intervention.

Chart of NATO

Bandar Ben Sultan natal chart

The pretext for military intervention in Syria

Full Moon from August 21, 2013

Military action

Objectives and consequences

[([*BMA n° 2013-6 – The Drama of Nairobi and of Peshawar*])]

PDF – BMA 2013-6 – At Work .

Nairobi hostage taking - 21 September 2013

Peshawar bombing - 22 September 2013

[([*BMA n° 2013-7 – France : The Theme of the Vth Republic*])]

PDF – BMA 2013-7 – At Work .

This article presents the natal chart of 4 October 1958 (9 am, Paris)

Chart of France Fifth Republic

Discussion on the themes of the Fifth Republic

Establishment of new institutions

The "elective affinities" : the astrologer and his object of analysis

Richelieu, Louis XIV, Napoleon I and the Fifth Republic

[([*BMA n° 2013-8 – France : 2014 Astralities*])]

PDF – BMA 2013-8 – At Work .

This article deals with the challenges posed to France and the risk of a serious social and political crisis during the year 2014.

Vth Republic : pre-natal and post-natal eclipses

Transneptunians in the astral theme of the Fifth Republic

Eclipse of October 23, 2014

The critical areas of the astral theme during the year 2014

Prognosis : a serious social and political crisis in France during the year 2014

France faces the challenges of today’s world

Time travel : 1936 - 1968 - 2014

Culmination of tensions : theme of 23 April 2014

The "Signature" of the Revolution : Uranus/Pluto=Saturn/Neptune – from 2013 to 2016

[([*BMA n° 2013-9 – Geneva Agreement on Iranian Nuclear *])]

PDF – BMA 2013-9 – At Work .

Geneva agreement : november 24, 2013

A major turning point in international relations since August 31, 2013

Creation of a "hawkish" axis between Israel and Saudi Arabia

A deadline to follow : August 2014

[([*BMA n° 2013-10 - The Renunciation of Benedikt XVI*])]

PDF – BMA 2013-10 – At Work .

This article deals with renunciation of Benedict XVI to the pontificat (February 11, 2013).

Natal chart of Benedict XVI

Chart of the announcement of the waiver

Chart of renunciation

Three papabili

Angelo Scola

André Vingt-Trois

Peter Turkson

Analysis of symbolic degrees (Armand d’Aigleville)

The Prophecy of Malachi

Arnold de Wion - Lignum Vitae

Chart of 1960

Lightning on the dome of St. Peter - Latin text