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JMA - 2016

JMA - Virtual Seminar 2015-2017

The Journal of Mundane Astrology (JMA) aims to account for our research in the context of "virtual seminars" whose themes are : “World astrology and history of civilizations” ; “a new global paradigm of astrology”. In a traditional seminar gathered a couple dozen people ; continuity of work depends very unpredictable external circumstances, such as the motivation of participants, always acrobatic personnel management of each calendar, the financial capacity to cover rental costs and a fair return for the master of education ; in short, all the hassles that make today such a business almost impossible outside of an academic environment that our society will never give or astrology or the cyclologie. While a virtual seminar is intended by nature to all Internet users who visit this site regularly, for free, without any time or place ; with the disadvantage, however, unable to live exchange our thoughts, formulate questions and hypotheses.

JMA is thus complementary to the Journal of Traditional Cyclology (JTC) that will support other virtual seminar. Thus, my practice of astrology world unfolds on two dimensions : one horizontal, the astrology interface with geopolitics ; the other, at the interface of astrology with cyclology. Furthermore, JMA is complementary to the Bulletin of Mundane Astrology (BMA), which meets other requirements : processing, more or less briefly, international news being under the double gaze of the world astrology and geopolitics. Another addition to the JMA is JMA-History that has, over the years, studies on specific historical events during major centennial commemorations or other periods.

JMA n° 8 - Russia I - 1990-2015

[([*JMA n° 8 – Russia I – 1990-2015*])]

This issue deals with Russia between 1990 and 2015. Following the issues on the United States and China, it will be followed by two other issues devoted to Communist Russia from 1917 to 1989 and former Russia from 862 to 1917.

Considering the size of this issue and the size of the document, we divided our material not into one but into three PDF documents

JMA 8-1 - The Fall of Soviet Union


The first part deals with the fall of the Soviet empire. Are examined the Ingress Capricorn 1989, the process of decomposition and dissolution of the Soviet empire

JMA 8-2 - Boris Yeltsin Era


The second part is devoted to the era of Boris Yeltsin (1990-2000). First comes the detailed study of the theme of the new Russia, then a historical overview of the liquidation of the communist past, the reign of the oligarchs, the war in Chechnya and the coming to power of Vladimir Putin.

JMA 8-3 - Vladimir Putin Era


The third part is devoted to the era of Vladimir Putin (from 2000 to 2015). After a discussion of the great choice of the imperial and Eurasian nature of the new state, a table is presented of the overall cyclical evolution from 2000 to 2020, followed by the study of the themes of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. A series of thematic studies addresses the question of political stability, the place of orthodoxy and Islam in Russia, the future of Central Asia, the principles of foreign policy of Vladimir Putin and Sergei Lavrov.


Ingres Capricorn 1989

Death of Leonid Brezhnev

Investiture of Mikhail Gorbachev


Mikhaïl Gorbatchev

Boris Eltsine


Russia Sovereignty

Constitutional Crisis of 1993

Yevgeny Primakov Prime Minister

« Nostradamical » eclipse of 11 August 1999


Vladimir Poutine

Dmitri Medvedev

Patriarche Kirill de Moscou

Eclipse of sovereignties

Eclipse of independances

JMA n° 9 - The new Three-fold Global Order

[([*JMA n° 9 –The new threepole Global Order*])]

According the size of this issue and the size of the document, we divided our material not into one but into three PDF documents :

JMA 9-1 - The new threepole Global Order - A


JMA 9-2 - The new threepole Global Order - B


JMA 9-3 - The period 2017-2021


This issue deals with the emergence of a new three-polar global order between the United States, China and Russia on the eve of the crucial period of 2017-2021. A first part analyzes the global geopolitical context ; The second part presents a table of planetary cycles for the period 2017-2021 and their impact on the chart of the three powers and their heads of State. Finally, in conclusion, a solemn warning is presented with regard to the seriousness of a threat of a nuclear conflict.

The first part opens with the Brexit gong analysis, the implications of which may well be comparable to the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989.

Following is a brief overview of the main cyclical dates to come in the 21st century : for the Transneptunians, the Hades-Kronos conjunction of 2030 and the three-dimensional conjunction Cupid-Apollo-Poseidon of 2089-2095 ; For the Transsaturnians, the two striking phases of the Uranus-Neptune cycle which are the square of 2040 and the opposition of 2080.

The geopolitical analysis of the new three-fold global order evokes first the new "Great Game" which unfolds on the privileged ground of rivalries between powers in the two zones of the Eurasian continent that are the Rimland and the Heartland. This is followed by a presentation of the China-Russia strategic partnership, which is bringing to the world a completely new and original form of osmosis between two civilizational entities that still retain their full sovereignty and specific character. Consider the convergences and complementarities between China and Russia, but also the immoderate efforts of the United States to try to stop this process which is ruining their global hegemony. The "Chinese dream" launched by President Xi Jinping, which builds on the new "Silk Roads" both land and sea aimed at accelerated interconnection of all Eurasian space pushes the US military-industrial complex To seriously consider a war, at least a naval blockade of China in the election of Hillary Clinton. Faced with the process of dedollarization, this power can fear a collapse and does not hesitate to use NATO as a tool at the service of its imperial hegemony throughout the world. The American strategy is now based on the concept of "network-centric war", the result of which could take the form of totalitarian and supra-national control all over the planet. We analyze various aspects of network-centric warfare in Central Asia and South-East Asia, as well as the growing pressure on Russia to move from its western borders, from the Baltic to the Black Sea, to the Caucasus. There is also the resistance of China and Russia to the US offensive, where recent developments aim to consolidate the orientation towards a large Eurasian alliance against actors who turn to Euratlantist positions.

The second part of this issue of the JWA aims to examine the table of major global cycles during the period 2017-2021 and to consider their potential effects in the charts of states and heads of state of the three Powers. In addition to the two major conjunctions of 2020 - Saturn-Pluto in January and Jupiter-Saturn in December, the Hadès-Kronos conjunction, the Uranus-Neptune semi-square, the Pluto square -Zeus, as well as the square Saturn-Neptune and the opposition Jupiter-Uranus. Then we examine closely the zone of 5 ° Cancer, transited by Hades, which we consider the "pivot of the powers" and whose resonances we examine in the themes of the United States, China and Russia. This part ends with a study of the synasties between the themes of states and those of the heads of State, where harmonic synasties and dissonant synasties are highlighted.

The conclusion raises a number of outstanding issues, including the long-term solidity of the China-Russia partnership and the question of the ultimate meaning of the rise of the Eurasian bloc : a real alternative to globalist A totalitarian government on the whole planet, or a simple spare part for the American rider abandoned by the "kings of the earth" for its growing inefficiency ? Finally, we make a solemn warning of the terrible threat of nuclear conflict during the critical period of 2017-2021



Transneptunians in the 21st century

Conjunction Zeus-Poséidon – 2091

Transsaturnians in the 21st century

Square Uranus-Neptune (2040) and opposition Uranus-Neptune (2080)

"Trumpet of the Apocalypse" (December 30, 1989)


Eclipse of 16 September 2016 - Vladimir Putin and Dimitri Mevedev


Conjunction Hades-Kronos – 2017-2021

Semi-square Uranus-Neptune – 2017-2021

Square Pluto-Zeus – 2017-2021

Square Saturn-Neptune and opposition Jupiter-Uranus – 2016-2017

United-States – Saturn/Uranus network

China – Saturn/Pluto network

Russia – Saturn/Neptune network

Pivot powers – Hades network

Pivot powers – États-Unis

Pivot powers – China

Pivot powers – Russia

Hillary Clinton – Mars/Saturn network

Donald Trump – Moon/Vulcanus network

Xi Jinping - Network of the Sun

Vladimir Putin - Jupiter / Pluto network

Synastrie - Russia * China

Synastrie - Xi Jinping * Vladimir Putin

Synastrie - United States * Russia

Synastrie - Donald Trump * Vladimir Putin

Synastrie - United States * China

Synastrie - Hillary Clinton * Xi Jinping

Synatrie - Donald Trump * Xi Jinping

Transits on the zone of 21 ° of the Fixes