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JMA - 2015

JMA - Virtual Seminar 2015-2017

The Journal of Mundane Astrology (JMA) aims to account for our research in the context of "virtual seminars" whose themes are : “World astrology and history of civilizations” ; “a new global paradigm of astrology”. In a traditional seminar gathered a couple dozen people ; continuity of work depends very unpredictable external circumstances, such as the motivation of participants, always acrobatic personnel management of each calendar, the financial capacity to cover rental costs and a fair return for the master of education ; in short, all the hassles that make today such a business almost impossible outside of an academic environment that our society will never give or astrology or the cyclologie. While a virtual seminar is intended by nature to all Internet users who visit this site regularly, for free, without any time or place ; with the disadvantage, however, unable to live exchange our thoughts, formulate questions and hypotheses.

JMA is thus complementary to the Journal of Traditional Cyclology (JTC) that will support other virtual seminar. Thus, my practice of astrology world unfolds on two dimensions : one horizontal, the astrology interface with geopolitics ; the other, at the interface of astrology with cyclology. Furthermore, JMA is complementary to the Bulletin of Mundane Astrology (BMA), which meets other requirements : processing, more or less briefly, international news being under the double gaze of the world astrology and geopolitics. Another addition to the JMA is JMA-History that has, over the years, studies on specific historical events during major centennial commemorations or other periods.

JMA n° 4 - USA

[([*JMA n° 4 - USA*])]

USA - Establishing the chart


USA - Chart Analysis


USA - Historical Route


This issue deals with the United States. He inaugurated a series of four studies which dealt with the themes of the great powers. It will be followed by a number on China, another on Russia and finally one on the relations between these three powers.

Later issues of the Journal of Mundane Astrology should inaugurate a long-planned series of studies on the history of civilizations in relation to world astrology.

Considering the size of this issue and the size of the document, we divided our material not into one but into three PDF documents.

JMA n° 5 - China I - 1644-1949

[([*JMA n° 5 – China I – 1644-1949*])]

China I - 1644-1949


This issue deals with China, from 1644 to 1949. It inaugurated a series of three issues devoted to this great power (I. Republican China, 1911 to 1949. II The theme of the People’s Republic of China ; China from 1949 to 2015).

The first part deals with the transition between the Ming dynasty and the Sino-Manchu dynasty of the Qing. A second part analyzes some crucial moments in the history of China from the middle of the nineteenth century. The third part is devoted to the 1911 Revolution and the history of the Republic of China until the end of the Second World War and the establishment of communist power in 1949.


Configuration of 1648

Advent of the Qing - Uranian Map

Advent of Qing - Anchor Points

Advent of Qing - Mars Network

Advent of the Qing – Apollo/Admetos Network



Treaty of Nanking

Conjunction Uranus-Pluto of 1850

Treaty of Shimonoseki

Boxers Rebellion


China - Républic


Sun Yat-sen //Yuan Shikai

Movement of 4-May 1919

Chinese Communist Party

Tchang Kaï-chek

Shanghai and Canton strike

Soong Qingling

Invasion of Manchuria by Japan

Xi’an Incident

Triplice Saturn-Neptune-Vulcanus - 1934-1937

Sino-Japanese War

JMA n° 6 - China II - Theme of the PRC

[([*JMA n° 6 – China II– PRC Theme*])]

China II - Chart of the PRC


This issue deals with Communist China and the founding theme of the People’s Republic on October 1, 1949. This issue follows a first one devoted to China from 1644 to 1949 and precedes another which will concern the history of China Contemporary from 1949 to the present day.

A first part analyzes the conjunction Saturn-Pluto of 1947 and its backdrop.

A second part examines the subjects of popular China, from the Chinese Republic of the Soviets of 1931 to the establishment of Communist China which passes through two stages : the founding of the new regime on 21 September 1949 and its proclamation on the square Tienanmen in Beijing on 1 October 1949.

Four networks constituting the theme of popular China are analyzed (Ascendant, Jupiter, Saturn, Lunar Nodes) as well as the main transits on each of these networks from 1949 to 2032

JMA n° 7 - China III - 1949-2015

[([*JMA n° 7 – China III – 1949-2015*])]

China III - 1949-2015


This issue deals with the evolution of the People’s Republic of China since its founding by Mao tse-tung until Xi Jinping came to power in 2013. This issue follows the two precedents devoted to China from 1644 to 1949 and the study of the theme of the PRC.

I. THE MAOIST ERA (1949-1976)

The natal chart of Mao Tse-tung

Implementation of the new regime - The first terror campaigns

The Hundred Flowers

The Great Leap Forward

The Cultural Revolution


The natal chart of Deng Xiaoping

Spring 1989 and the Tiananmen Square Massacre

Tibet and Sinkiang


China’s wars

Astrological theme of the first Chinese nuclear test

Astrological theme of the invasion of Vietnam

Astrological theme of Hong Kong’s return to China

The Olympic Games in Beijing

Astrological theme of the PLA (People’s Liberation Army)

Baidu’s astrological theme (Chinese search engine)

The new Silk Road

Astrological theme of the OSC (Organization of Shanghai Cooperation)


Area of 10 ° Mutables

Area of 13° Fixed

Area of 28° Mutables

Zone of 22°30 Cardinals