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5.2. Journal of Traditional Cyclology

JTC - Presentation

At the very moment when, on the day of the "blue moon" of August 20, 2013, I came up with the idea of regrouping my astrological works in two journals - the Journal of Mundane Astrology (JMA) and the Bulletin of Mundane Astrology (BMA) - supplemented by Astrological Studies for astrological works that do not concern the world – I envisaged the publication, on the one hand of a magazine dedicated to my literary works, on the other hand of another a journal dedicated to the presentation and discussion of works related to the unfolding and the end of the great cycles in progress, of which various traditions speak. I have had the opportunity during my existence to meet the work of René Guénon and the writings of his various epigones, and to make the personal acquaintance of Jean Phaure - author of the Cycle of Adamic Humanity - and Vlaicu Ionescu, a qualified exegete of the prophetic work of Nostradamus for the "Proletarian Era" of ours, in the wake of the French Revolution and the Russian revolution of 1917. In addition, I have studied in depth the work of Raoul Auclair and I have more recently approached the writings of Ittahor, which deserve reflection. Having had the "sense of eschatology" since my youth - the two books that appear at the opening and closing of Sacred Scripture, the Book of Genesis and the Book of Revelation are those which I have most frequented in the double library of the Old and New Testaments - it was, in a way, natural for me to pay special attention to authors who were also animated by a keen sense of " actuality of eschatology ". For all that, I have no pretension to play the role of prophet, nor even exegete of the prophetic texts. My only ambition is to reflect on this issue of a close cyclical end, to think critically by confronting several exegeses of quality, and to provide those who are interested in these matters with texts and comments often little accessible. Far from thinking of throwing terror among people who feel terrified by the signs of an apocalyptic end, I want to try to share, on the contrary, the unspeakable joy that lives in the hearts of those who see beyond the fatal wall towards which our world is heading like a bolide. In the very heart of the darkest of the Dark Age, there always shines in the eyes of the wise a reflection of the light of the Day without twilight. It is thus that Gandalf, at the worst moment of the War of the Ring, when everything seems lost, shines with an inner light :

Gandalf and Pippin arrived at a house next to the wall of the citadel on the north side, not far from the shoulder which connected the hill to the mountain. Gandalf stood beside him, an arm passed around the shoulders of the Hobbit. Pippin cast an astonished glance at the face close to his, for the sound of that laugh was cheerful and joyous. At first, however, he saw only the wrinkles of care and sorrow in the figure of the magician ; but, looking more attentively, he perceived that there was great gaiety behind it : a fountain of joy sufficient to put a whole kingdom into joy, if it spouted.

Lord of the Rings, p. 813.

The Journal of Traditional Cyclology (JTC) will be published half-yearly, at the time of the winter and summer solstices, under the patronage of the two saints John : the Precursor and the beloved disciple.