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2.2. Journal of Mundane Astrology

JMA - Presentation

The Journal of Mundane Astrology (JMA) aims to account for our research in the context of "virtual seminars" whose themes are : “World astrology and history of civilizations” ; “a new global paradigm of astrology”. In a traditional seminar gathered a couple dozen people ; continuity of work depends very unpredictable external circumstances, such as the motivation of participants, always acrobatic personnel management of each calendar, the financial capacity to cover rental costs and a fair return for the master of education ; in short, all the hassles that make today such a business almost impossible outside of an academic environment that our society will never give or astrology or the cyclologie. While a virtual seminar is intended by nature to all Internet users who visit this site regularly, for free, without any time or place ; with the disadvantage, however, unable to live exchange our thoughts, formulate questions and hypotheses.

JMA is thus complementary to the Journal of Traditional Cyclology (JTC) that will support other virtual seminar. Thus, my practice of astrology world unfolds on two dimensions : one horizontal, the astrology interface with geopolitics ; the other, at the interface of astrology with cyclology. Furthermore, JMA is complementary to the Bulletin of Mundane Astrology (BMA), which meets other requirements : processing, more or less briefly, international news being under the double gaze of the world astrology and geopolitics. Another addition to the JMA is JMA-History that has, over the years, studies on specific historical events during major centennial commemorations or other periods.

JMA - Conception

The conception horoscope for the Bulletin of Mundane Astrology and the Journal of Mundane Astrology has the following frames, where Alexander Volguine attaches the interpretations below :

AS * VE-SA : Rigid principles, intellectual intuition.

MC * MA-JU : Great power of work. methodical and sustained effort, specific purpose. Elevation by his labor. Desire for an independent situation.

SU * ME-VE : Knows how to please and win. Expertise. Popularity. Attracts sympathy. Longevity.

MO * NE-PL : Stranger personality, trying to put in action what she feels and thinks.