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1.2. Bulletin of Mundane Astrology

BMA - Presentation

Published online as of August 31, 2013, the Bulletin of Mundane Astrology (BMA) first ran quarterly ; As from 31 December 2015, its publication will be annual. In fact, the BMA consists of two distinct elements : on the one hand, raw astrological data, without commentary ; on the other hand, articles of commentaries on international news, at the interface between mundane astrology and geopolitics. These articles have no specific periodicity, they are put online throughout the year as they are written.

In order to enable our readers to make the most of the amount of information contained in the purely astrological part of the BMA, we have drafted a detailed presentation leaflet entitled "BMA : how to use it". We urge our readers to consult this document.

BMA - How tu use

PDF – BMA - How tu use it - At Work

BMA - Conception

The conception horoscope for the Bulletin of Mundane Astrology and the Journal of Mundane Astrology has the following frames, where Alexander Volguine attaches the interpretations below :

AS * VE-SA : Rigid principles, intellectual intuition.

MC * MA-JU : Great power of work. Methodical and sustained effort, specific purpose. Elevation by his labor. Desire for an independent situation.

SU * ME-VE : Knows how to please and win. Expertise. Popularity. Attracts sympathy. Longevity.

MO * NE-PL : Stranger personality, trying to put in action what she feels and thinks.



The BMA-Flash is designed as a complement and an intermediary between the BMA-Astralities of the year - who contains only paintings, graphs and charts without comments - and the BMA-Annual, which includes articles developing news headlines on the double plan of the current global analysis of cycles and the geo-political analysis. In brief : the BMA-Astralities is dumb and articles put down in the BMA-Annual often take several days of preparation to propose developed analyses. Between the two, it seemed that there was place for a more flexible and faster formula, allowing an immediate comment of the current events, in time of need. For example, following a striking, happy or dramatic event or upon a personality gaining focus.

The BMA-Flash will also serve to present, at the beginning of every month the global configurations which deserve the attention of the practitioners of the mundane astrology in the next few weeks. Allowing to bring, briefly, some clarifications to tables and in charts presented within the framework of the BMA-Astralities.

BMA-Flash - 2017-1 - January


BMA-Flash - 2017-2 - February


BMA-Flash - 2017-4 - April