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Both journals that I launched on the site since the autumn of 2013 - BAM (Bulletin of mundane astrology) and RAM (Global Astrology Journal) present my ongoing work in this particular field of astrology that I practice since the late 1980s with happiness, finding the synthesis between my interest in history, dating - thanks to Alexandre Dumas - of my childhood and acute sensitivity to long-term planetary cycles.

However, many more of my astrological work does not fall into this category of the political or world astrology ; also, to provide a framework for this work I launched on 21th December 2014, a third review related to astrology : Astrological Studies.

This idea occurred on the day of the Blue Moon August 20th, 2013, which were designed in the same spirit as my BAM (Bulletin of World Astrology) and of my RAM (Journal of World Astrology). The publication of Astrological Studies, free magazine on the Internet, has no fixed periodicity.

[([*AS N° 1 - Cardinal de Richelieu*])]

AS 1 - Cardinal de Richelieu

PDF – AS 1-1 – At Work

PDF – AS 1-2 - At Work

This first issue of Astrological Studies presents a study on the Cardinal de Richelieu, due to my friend Armand d’Aigleville. This study has two parts : a characterology test, followed by the man in his time.

The following horoscopes are discussed : Cardinal de Richelieu - Marie de Medicis - Louis XIII - Anne of Austria - Gaston d’Orléans - Father Joseph - Mazarin - Cinq-Mars.

The career of the the Cardinal is presented as a drama in three acts :

Act I. The ascent (1585-1624)

Act II. The Triumvirate : the King, the Queen Mother and the Cardinal (1624-1630)

Act III. The Duumvirate : the King and the the Cardinal (1630-1642)

[([*AS N° 2 - Tribute to J.R.R. Tolkien*])]

AS 2 - Tolkien

This second issue of Astrological Studies is a tribute to J.R.R. Tolkien. It contains four articles pertaining to astrology. Readers will find in the second issue of The Blue Moon Journal two articles which offers a general overview of Tolkien’s Legendarium : “Le Légendaire d’Age en Age” (Legendarium Age by Age) and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Legendarium : A Visionary Opus for the Twenty-First Century”.

[([*Around the theme of Tolkien*])]

PDF – At Work

The first article in this homage to Tolkien J.R.R. is entitled "Around the theme of Tolkien." It was the theme of a study published in 2003 in the Notebooks of Univers-Site. The chart of J.R.R. Tolkien is presented from the perspective of a native of the great conjunction of Neptune and Pluto in 1892, which marks a turning point in the history of civilization. Are taken into account also the Harmonic themes that provide valuable information dynamics of a being to the world, on the personal mythology of the native and the ideal to achieve.
Following an analysis of the theme of The Lord of the Rings, published July 29, 1954, as well as the film of Peter Jackson, which was released on December 19, 2001.

[([*Tolkien and the Cycle Neptune-Pluto. A Question of Time*])]

PDF – At Work

The second article, "Tolkien and the Neptune-Pluto cycle. A Question of Time ", reproduced our intervention in Germaine Holley Congress, held in Paris on October 2 and 3, 2004. From the Neptune-Pluto cycle, which is at the heart of the theme of JRR Tolkien, we follow septile phases of this cycle that accompanied the early period of writing The Lord of the Rings and the septile phase between 2001 and 2011, when Tolkien studies have boomed worldwide, the film of Peter Jackson bringing new readers to revel of the Legendary. This article also discusses various aspects of Legendary in more or less direct relationship with astrology (the theme of the discordance of Melkor in the Great Song of the Ainur, the root “El” and stars, the Elvish astronomy and names of planets in Legendary, the cyclical conception of the world history).

[([*Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings*])]

PDF – At Work

The third section, "Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings", presents our response to an international astrology conference held in Lille in June 2006, speech on the relationship between an author and his work by studying the astrological charts and planetary cycles. Was proposed in this article the theme of Legendary set, following an astrological reasoning in relation withe the Balance Ingress 1914 - that confirms the chronology established by the learned authors of Tolkien Guide, published in fall 2006. Are reported also the themes of the publication of The Hobbit (21th September 1937) and of The Lord of the Rings (29th July 1954) and that of the film of Peter Jackson (19th December 2001). The conclusion evoked the "elective affinities" between the astrologer - author of a book summary on the work of Tolkien, Tolkien, The Song of the World, published in 2003 - and the object of his study, JRR Tolkien and his Legendarium, full of splendor.

[([*The themes of Tolkien and of the Legendarium*])]

PDF – At Work

The fourth article of the "Homage to Tolkien" was written on 17 and 18 December 2015 for the publication of this issue of Astrological Studies. The object is a study of the themes of Tolkien and of the Legendarium accordingto the method of “abysmal approach” of the themes, that I practice since autumn 2014. I thus return to the themes of JRR Tolkien and the birth of the Legendarium, 24th September 1914, and the two major milestones in 1916 : Tolkien’s marriage with Edith Bratt and his assignment on the front of the Somme. Next is a review of the published themes of The Hobbit and of The Lord of the Rings.

Then a novelty about the publication of The Silmarillion (1977) : a study of the theme of Christopher Tolkien, who was so closely associated with the work of his father, from his childhood to the present time, and to whom we owe, through the publication of The History of the Middle-earth (1983 to 1996), a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the vastness of the Legendarium and of the complexity of its composition.

Finally resumed - according to a study the process of an abyssal exploration of themes - the themes of the film of Peter Jackson in 2001 and the end of writing my book on Tolkien, Le Chant du Monde, May 27th 2003

[([*AS N° 3 - Vladimir Soloviev and High Spirituality*])]

AS 3 - Vladimir Soloviev

PDF – At Work

This issue, devoted to the Russian poet and thinker Vladimir Soloviev, presents a study (translated from Russian by Charles Ridoux) presented in Chisinau in December 2002 to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Soloviev, by Asia Solomko, who practice the Uranian astrology and analyzes with much finesse and deep the spirituality of this impressive personality in the light of Poseidon, both in the natal chart and the topic of Solar Returns that correspond to three illuminating moments in the life of Vladimir Soloviev.

[([*AS N° 4 - Chiron and the Centaurs*])]

AS 4 - Chiron and the Centaurs

This issue devoted to Chiron and the Centaurs - asteroids discovered since November 1, 1977 and which have since aroused much research among astrologers around the world. This issue consists of two parts : one devoted to the exploration of a few sites related to the Centaurs ; The other presenting a series of cyclical tables in relation to Chiron and Pholus. Our goal is simply to provide some useful information for conducting research related to Chiron and Centaurs.

[([*Chiron and the Centaurs - Sites*])]

PDF – At Work

The first article presents some sites related to Chiron and the Centaurs which we found particularly worthy of interest. The sites of Robert von Heeren, Piotr Piotrowski, Zane B. Stein, Juan Antonio Reville, Gennady Maslov and Denis Koutaliov are examined successively.

As Juan Antonio Reville writes : "We must create new myths for the twenty-first century, and the Centaurs are there to teach us how to do it. We are invited to be creative, to break through barriers and to change paradigms. We are whales, we are dolphins, we do not crack chaos. A new alliance is being created between humanity and the Earth ".

[([*Chiron and the Centaurs - Tables*])]

PDF - At Work

The second article, purely technical, gives a picture of the ephemerides (on a four-year pace) of Chiron and Pholus over a period ranging from 1600 to 2100. Then come graphical ephemerides allowing to see the interference of Chiron and Pholus in the cycles of Neptune and Pluto, as well as in the cycles of the Lunar Nodes, over a period from 1900 to 2100. Finally, various tables are presented : the Chiron cycles as in longitude as in declination, from 1600 to 2100.

[([*EA N° 5 - The Astrometrical Index of Pierre Julien*])]

This issue is devoted to the Pierre Julien Astrometric Index, designed in the 1970s, in line with André Barbault’s cyclical Index and shows the value of determining precisely the dates of entry and exit of the few major critical periods in each century, as it was the case, in the 20th century, for the two World Wars, the economic crisis of 1929 or the iranian crisis of 1978.

The issue is composed of three articles : 1 ° An interview between Charles Ridoux and Pierre Julien (May 26th and 27th 2017) ; 2. The recovery of a publication by Pierre Julien entitled "First crunches of a major crisis" and published in 2007 ; 3 ° The calculations of the Astrometric Index carried out by Jean-Christophe Vitu.

AS 5-1 - Interview with Pierre Julien


The first article consists of an interview between Charles Ridoux and Pierre Julien, preceded by a brief introduction to the technique of the Astrometric Index. This interview deals with the three major critical periods of the 21st century : 2017-2026, 2053-2061, 2076-2086.

5-2 - First craks of a major crisis


5-2 - First craks of a major crisis


Pierre Julien : "First Cracks of a major crisis"

AS 5-3 - Astrometrical Index - Calculation


Astrometrical Index - Calculations (by Jean-Christophe Vitu)