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4.2. Astrological Studies

AS - Presentation

Both journals that I launched on the site since the autumn of 2013 - BMA (Bulletin of Mundane Astrology) and JMA (Journal of Mundane Astrology) present my ongoing work in this particular field of astrology that I practice since the late 1980s with happiness, finding the synthesis between my interest in history, dating - thanks to Alexandre Dumas - of my childhood and acute sensitivity to long-term planetary cycles.

However, many more of my astrological work does not fall into this category of the political or mundane astrology ; also, to provide a framework for this work I launched on 21th December 2014, a third review related to astrology : Astrological Studies.

This idea occurred on the day of the Blue Moon August 20th, 2013, which were designed in the same spirit as my BMA (Bulletin of Mundane Astrology) and of my JMA (Journal of Mundane Astrology). The publication of Astrological Studies, free magazine on the Internet, has no fixed periodicity.