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6.2. Journal of the Blue Moon

TJBM - Presentation

This is the same day of a blue moon, August 20, 2013, I had the idea to combine my astrological work within two journals - the Journal of Mundane Astrology (JMA) and the Bulletin of Mundane Astrology (BMA) - complemented by Astrological Studies (AS) for astrological work which does not concern the world. Very quickly, I designed the project to add two other magazines there to cover the whole field of my research : a Journal of Traditional Cyclology (JTC), which will be devoted to the presentation and discussion of works relating to the conduct and the end of great cycles being spoken of various traditions ; and the Journal of the Blue Moon (JBM), where I will publish articles that address mainly literature - whether French literature from the Middle Ages which was the subject of my teaching for many years, or Russian literature, which binds me an attachment that goes back to adolescence or even in childhood, or various aspects of modern and contemporary French literature.

What is a "blue moon" ? A common year has twelve full moons, but it happens from time to time that it contains 13. According to the various schools, this will be considered as "Blue Moon" is the 13th full moon of a year, the third full moon of a season that exceptionally have four full moons. Such was the case 20 August 2013, the last dating back to 20 November 2010 and the next to 21 May 2016. The adjective "blue" does not mean that the moon takes a particular shade at this time : this term is a layer of the English expression “blue moon”, found, for example, in the formula “once in a blue moon” equivalent to the French term "month of Sundays."

The Journal of the Blue Moon will not have a regular periodicity, no binding format ; they appear simply depend on the circumstances and volume correspond to the abundance or the narrowness of the matter.

TJBM - Conception